Media coverage

“Kinda made commercial fishing exciting”GeekNifty

“Rhythm-action fish-gutting to a Blade Runner soundtrack”Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“I love this commercial fishing simulator, and not just because it has a fish-gutting minigame” – PC Gamer

“A beautiful experience”

“Forget Mario and Battlefield, now you should get hooked on cod fishing” – Lasse Lervik

“Become a fisherman in northern Norway” –  SAS Traveler

“Players need to care for the habitats”Gamereactor

“Soon ready for virtual fishing in Barents Sea”Skipsrevyen

“Interview at GamesCom 2015 [German]”YadGC

“Interview at GamesCom 2016 [German]”YadGC

“Interview at GamesCom 2016 [German]”NordrheinTVPlay

“Interview at GamesCom 2017 [German]”NordrheinTVPlay

“Talk about Fishing: Barents Sea at GamesCom 2017 [German]”Polyradar

“Interview at GamesCom 2018 [German]”Burning-Gamers

“Interview at GamesCom 2018 [German]”Gadarol

“Slagsrevyen”FlippKlipp/NRK Super